💭 Coach yourself: Use these 5 mini-coaching interventions to minimize negative thought patterns

💭 Coach yourself: Use these 5 mini-coaching interventions to minimize negative thought patterns


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A problem will not simply vanish as it appeared. These mini-coaching interventions will not solve your problem immediately. However, if you shake the wooden post in the earth over and over again, progress will show.

Maybe you have a belief system that is limiting you. That's perfect for today! 💖 If you don't have any problems, this method is unfortunately not for you.

I want to name some examples of belief systems I have heard people share over the years. "I am too fat." "I'm a failure." "I just can't do it." "I'm too stupid for this." Let's take that last sentence for the exercise.

Which negative thoughts about yourself have lately crossed your mind? The next time a negative belief comes up, ask yourself the following 5 questions. (Those who want to make real progress will probably photograph or copy the questions so they can refer to them when the thought arises.)

😎 Let's begin. Start here.

🦥 Create some emotional distance

"What would (your role model/person who has dealt with a similar issue) do now?" Which posture would she/he have? What would your role model focus on? (The problem? or how to somehow find a way?)

🍰 A part of me ...

One side of me experiences itself as... (stupid).

A part of me experiences itself as ... (stupid) Is there another part, which has a slightly different opinion, maybe?

🖇 Presumption

I am currently still too stupid.

(Because we say the words "currently still", there is the presumption that it can and will change in the future).

🏆 Positive intention

Ask yourself the question: "How does this thought want to support me? If it does not support me, how could it? What is the positive intention behind it? "

"I am so stupid." Maybe the answer is, "I still have some things to learn."

🔜 Ask about the consequences

How would you feel if you still had the same feeling in a few weeks, months, or even years? What opportunities will you have missed in life?

Do you want to learn more about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or mindset? The links will guide you to my other posts. 💫

Credits go out to Marian Zefferer 🕺 My NLP Trainer. The only person I know who gives the group more energy than it had before a 10-hour Zoom call.