The Moment of Excellence: Experience Powerful, Positive, and Passionate Feelings at the Push of a Button

The Moment of Excellence: Experience Powerful, Positive, and Passionate Feelings at the Push of a Button


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I am a certified mental/agile coach and business mental trainer. I have tried hundreds of NLP and coaching techniques.

šŸ† From all, the Moment of Excellence is my favorite mental/NLP technique.

Top Athletes, politicians, and actors use the Moment of Excellence as a mental technique to get themselves into an optimal mental state before their competition to achieve maximum performance.

a head with spirals growing out of it and an anchor with a floating tire next to it

šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø The Step-By-Step Process: The Moment of Excellence is when you are in a top state of mind

šŸ”„ #1 Imagine a situation from your past in which you were full of energy, passion, and self-confidence.

To fully immerse yourself, try to answer the following 5 questions:

(Visual) What do you see?

(Auditory) What do you hear?

(Kinesthetic) What do you feel?

(Olfactory) What do you smell?

(Gustatory) What do you taste?

āš“ #2 Setting your anchor: When you are close to the peak of your emotions, touch a unique part of your body.

You do this by touching a spot on your body. For example, put your hand on your right upper leg. (this should be a gesture you don't do unintentionally; otherwise, your anchor will not work) Hold it for 5 - 10 seconds.

šŸŒŒ #3 Use a separator: After releasing the hand from your anchor point, spin in a circle two times to disconnect yourself from the feeling.

ā™» #4 Repeat points #1 till #3 several times to strengthen your anchor.

šŸ’„ #5 Future Pace: Imagine a future situation when you need the feelings you have anchored, like energy, passion, and self-confidence.

Classical conditioning - Wikipedia

The moment of excellence uses the principle of classical conditioning

This could be any situation that has caused problems in the past and could arise again. Touch the anchor, and let it work its wonders. šŸŽ‡

This technique hugely impacted my sister's professional sports career, helping her overcome a mental blockage.

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