Write down 100 things that make me happy


Ohhh I was looking forward to this one.

Today, in every free second of thought, I was looking for things that make me happy ... Do you believe how many insights you have, when you think about what is good and beautiful in your life? Accordingly, I have also noticed it in my mood.

How often do we get up and the first bad thoughts already start to creep in: Such crappy weather again. Man, now I missed the train.

Because I wanted to finish the list the whole day, I didn't just actively ask myself the question: 😊 What makes me happy? I also engaged my subconscious. Sometimes I believe, you only have to know how to use something FOR you.

You just have to ask the right questions. As Tony Robbins always says so beautifully:

Where focus goes, energy flows.

What else I want to share with you is that I really actively asked myself at every point, "Is it really making me happy?" E.g. watching Youtube - I first thought to myself, "Yeah, sure. That's where I can really relax and be happy." After thinking about it for a while, however, I realized that it's actually more of a habit and I've rarely thought to myself that a video really makes me happy. Actually, I feel quite drained afterward. 🦇 Youtube = Energyvampire? (Maybe I'm just watching the wrong videos?)

The cool thing about this list is that I now have it hanging on my door and whenever I'm not feeling so good, I can look at it and it reminds me that I have 100 (!!!!) things I can do at any time to feel at least a little happier. Funnily enough, a pattern has emerged from this as well...

Especially food, sports, friends, and family came up a lot. Also gaining experiences and adventures. 
Now taped to my door to hopefully always leave with a smile 😉

An expensive Porsche and the matching gold chain are not on top (probably also because I can't afford either of them). Well, there is always room for improvement ;)

Last but not least, I noticed that I started the list with "big" things like food, friends, and psychology, but then finished with smaller things like the burger restaurant in Kloten, or the great view and feeling I get when I climb the summit after a strenuous hike. No generalizations, but concrete events. Interesting.

Also, the flight with an MD82 to Rhodes somehow popped up in my head:


Already looking forward to tomorrow and I'm excited about what awaits me.

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🐑💤 Good night, a great view from my bed awaits me. See you tomorrow.