"Learning how to learn is life's most important skill." - Tony Buzan

the most 15 most common study problems
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🧠 How to study: Evidence-based learning techniques

It doesn't take much to overcome procrastination and start studying effectively if you have the right resources.

How to Study Part 1

How to Study Part 2

This even helps if you study a subject you don't like.

The first small step can lead to success. Often it will initiate movement to create the necessary momentum.

🤯 Average daily information consumption: 174 newspapers, 11.8 hours, 113k+ words, +2.6% per year

Sometimes studying can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there. Typing "learning strategies" into google brings up over 1 140 000 000 results. How should you know which one is the best for you?

Here, you will find high-quality and proven methods to help you become a proficient learner and achieve your desired academic grades. This is what subscribers from my newsletter reported!

Backed up by books summarizing hundreds of studies on meta-learning, interviews with students, and my coaching and studying experience, this page will guide you from the start of studying till exam day.

🐘 The 3 most powerful and reached learning methods are

We discuss what to avoid when studying for your exams and what to do instead.

Here you have everything you need, from memorizing huge chunks of material to understanding and implementing what you have studied.

I have summarized the best resources.

The most common study problems and how to deal with them

😣 #1. I don't feel motivated.
🤯 #2. I feel overwhelmed.
😭 #3. I got a low grade.
🎮 #4. I can't stop procrastinating.
📓 #5. I don't know how to take notes.
🔢 #6. How do I remember facts and figures?
🥱 #7. This topic is boring.
🧠 #8. I can't remember anything I have studied.
🔎 #9. I can't focus.
🤔 #10. I've got other worries.
🔮 #11. I don't know if the subject is right for me.
🕓 #12. I'm struggling to find the time to study.
💭 #13. I can't concentrate, and I have negative repetitive thoughts.
😖 #14. I can't concentrate, and I don't feel good.
💩 #15. I can't concentrate; I am in a crisis.

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