5 Quick and Easy Lessons To Get Into Flow and Master New Information (unique)

5 Quick and Easy Lessons To Get Into Flow and Master New Information (unique)


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Not all lessons are created equal.

Some lessons we learn are small. They are little reminders along the way of what truly matters.

Other lessons are giant. They fundamentally change the course of our entire lives.

Over the past 5 years, I have studied at university and pilot school. These are the 5 most important lessons I've learned about how to get unstuck and get into flow:

1.🌊 Wingwave music

Wingwave music is used in performance coaching. These alternating tones on the left and right ear lead to activating the prefrontal cortex in the cerebrum and improving networking performance. These are perfect conditions to get into the flow state fast.


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9 wingwave tracks from the wingwave download center are shown: like positive motivation, big picture, charisma etc.

2.🎵 Noisli

On this website, you can combine 28 different background sounds to create a learning atmosphere you can concentrate on.

3.🔁 Switch your studying material

If you are learning out of a script, switch to something different like:

  • YouTube video
  • An app that reads the text from the script aloud
  • get a friend to test you
This Is The Best Book I’ve Ever Read On Understanding And Mastering New Information
There are a lot of books about how to study effectively. And I’ve read most of them. 😵 But the best book on the most effective, evidence-based study techniques I’ve found is Make It Stick by McDaniel & Brown. In the book you learn actionable tips on how to study effectively: 📓 Tip

4.🎭 Model a superstar in the field

Do you know a person who gets into the flow quickly? How does she do it? What are their strategies?

5.✨ Pretend

Another very effective coaching method is to pretend (as if you are in the flow). Do you remember how you felt the last time you were in the zone? How did you breathe? What was your posture like? Recreate a recipe for that moment.


1. Listen to music 🎵

2. Use another learning medium 🔁

3. Modeling 🎭

4. Pretend ✨

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