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The Pomodoro Technique

  1. Use the focused and diffused mode, strategically. (link in the full blogpost provided)

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5 Tips to beat Procrastination

  1. Have a growth mindset: Aim for slow and steady progress. Storylines are rewritten one page at a time. The key is to improve, not to be perfect. 
  2. Journal on why exactly you are procrastinating. Sometimes we have a big cloud of uncertainty. When we write it down we gain clarity.
  3. Track your progress on a google sheet: The only difference between a professional writer and a wannabe writer is that the professional writer writes a few pages each day.
  4. Practice Meditation to see and let go distracting thoughts.
  5. Practice self-compassion, which involves being kind to yourself and asking powerful questions like: What did I already achieve? What do I like about myself? What can I do for myself today?

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More Tips on Taking Action instead of Procrastinating

  1. Stop Perfectionism, aim for optimizing.
  2. Use the RPM system instead of to-do lists.
  3. Set up your environment.
  4. Set a 5 minutes timer.


I got an Accountability Partner

  1. "What gets scheduled gets done." -> Schedule everything you want to get done into your calendar.
  2. 3 key Questions we ask ourselves every week -> good points, points to improve, key learnings
  3. My 3 daily simple and specific goals: sleep 8 hours, one physical and one mental challenge.
  4. Don't break the chain! -> The Seinfeld Method (template in the full post provided)

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Time Management

Time Management: How I got interested in Time Tracking

  1. Single Task: Tracking your time makes you aware of how often you task switch (the productivity killer).
  2. I use toggle.track to track my time on my phone. You can also choose a plain piece of paper.



Ali Abdaal's Feel Good Productivity Annual Planning Workshop

  1. Having a Goalkeeper Document where I have a plan about my goals on Health, Wealth and Relationships. (5 years, 1 year, 90 days, 1 week and today.)

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