I joined the 5-week Peak Performance Program by CEO Coach Eric Partaker ($2500/h)

I joined the 5-week Peak Performance Program by CEO Coach Eric Partaker ($2500/h)


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Wow! I am so excited! As I already wrote in my newsletter, I joined on 23rd of January 2024 the Peak Performance Program hosted by Eric Partaker.

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Eric Partaker advised Fortune 50 CEOs while at McKinsey & Company. He is the CEO Coach of Ali Abdaal, charging 2500 USD per hour, and held a live workshop at the beginning of 2024 which I though was absolutely amazing.

I decided to book his 5-week Peak Performance Program to gain the knowledge and experience he usually charges 50,000 USD per year per client for a fraction of the money.

Eric is very down-to-earth, and I enjoy the easy-to-use framework he uses to condense information overload.

πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ 6 Rules I comply with, when participating in an online course

If you already know me a little, you know that i have already attended a few courses in the last few years. And to make the best use of my money and time, I always set myself a few important rules.

  1. Ask one question during each live session.
  2. Actively participate and share my experience in the chat.
  3. Write down how and why I will implement what I learn while going through the material.
  4. Write as many things that come to my mind when doing self reflection exercises, and set a timer for about 2-3 minutes each. (better less than too much time)
  5. I will read the Book "The 3 Alarms" to consolidate my knowledge.
  6. Most important: To execute what I learn. Knowlegde only isn't power anymore.

I would probably only get 20% of the results if I only read the book. The video-course, community, and live sessions will help me actively implement everything I learn in the next five weeks. Thus I will give my all to get the most out of the next weeks.

πŸ‘©β€πŸš€The Peak Performance Program: An Overview

The Peak Performance Program is basically about balancing the 3 most important areas of life: Health, relationships and wealth (work). If you remove a foot or even cut it off by 40%, the chair breaks down.

the 3 areas of life: health, wealth and relationships are the foundation of life
The 3 Areas of Life: Health, Wealth & Relationships

You should be aware that focusing 100% on work and disregarding your relationships and health may work in the short term, but sooner or later the chair you are balancing on one foot will fall.

guy cutting off one leg of a chair = his health
cutting off one leg

You get lifelong access to the videos and the workbook. The workbook contains great templates that you can print out. The videos are between 5 and 20 minutes long and therefore ideal for "snacking" during the day.

Program overview 6 modules
from the Peak Performance Program Website

We even got a recommended reading list to expand our knowledge on different self-help topics. Bonus after bonus 🎁

πŸ€“ My Top 11 Takeaways from the Peak Performance Program with Eric Partaker

  1. Motivation Formular: value * expectancy / impulsivity * delay
  2. Turn Pro: Action generates Feelings, vs. remaining Amateur: feeling generates action
  3. Eric splits life areas into 3: Wealth, health, and relationships. Each area should be given about the same amount of attention.

#4. How you talk to yourself massively impacts your productivity. Swap negative with positive self-talk.

"Don't try to stop negative thoughts. Don't worry about them. You don't need to do anything except to consciously think as many good thoughts as you can every day, and they will cancel out all the negative thoughts. If you practice this daily, you will soon have trained your mind to continuously develop positive thoughts." - The Secret
a card from "The Secret" Manifestation cards
The Secret "Manifestation Cards" by Rhonda Byrne

#5. Try a physiological sight if you feel overwhelmed during your QTB (Quality Time Blocks).

"Huberman explained how it works: "You have little sacks of air in the lungs, which increase the volume of air that you can bring in. Those sacks collapse over time, and as a result, oxygen levels start to go down and carbon dioxide levels go up in the bloodstream and body, and that a big part of the signaling of the stress response."
The double inhale of the physiological sigh "pops" the air sacks (called alveoli) open, allowing oxygen in and enabling you to offload carbon dioxide in the long exhaled sigh out." - How stress affects your brain and how to reverse it, Stanford Medicine