My Impossible List

My Impossible List

This is a very personal page, but I believe in sharing it with You because:

  1. I can hopefully motivate and inspire other people to create their own "impossible list".
  2. I work more actively on my goals because a certain amount of commitment is created.

Unlike a bucket list, with the Impossible List, you can incrementally work your way up to achieve your higher goals in life. It works towards taking action right now, so I focus on no more than 2-3 goals at a time.

If you want to learn more about the Impossible List and see some creative examples, I would recommend you check out Thomas Frank and Joel Runyon.

Adrenaline Rushes


run a marathon march 2022

run an ultramarathon

run an olympic triathlon june 2022

Ironman 70.3

Full Ironman

Learn Surfing

Crazy stuff

go skydiving

Europe`s highest bungee jump (220m) june 2022

World highest bungee jump (260m)

Go swimming with sharks

Go from from Zuerich to Linz by bike

Go backpacking for 1 week alone

Attend Vipassana

Break a World Record

Life Goals

Be self-sufficient and location-independent

Professional Goals

150 newsletter subscribers

1000 newsletter subscribers

5000 newsletter subscribers


write a book

make a Youtube Channel

have > 100 Subscribers on Youtube

Create an Online Course on Skillshare

Do a talk in front of > 50 people

Habit Goals


30 Day Challenges

No refined sugar

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day

Walk 10.000 steps a day

Journaling for 10 minutes

Read 20 pages a day

Shopping ban

Give away one thing every day

I would encourage you to create your own list. If you don`t want to make it public you could just create it in a simple word.