Planning is everything

Planning is everything


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That's why I always try to plan what I will do the next day. Otherwise, I come home tired in the evening and don't know where to start.

Throughout the day, decision fatigue increases. This is why I decide one day before what to do the next day.

I am coming home in the evening and following the plan I prepared yesterday. Not much thinking, just doing.

šŸŒ± The plan for tomorrow looks like this

18:00 Come home, buy something to eat, and nap for about 20 minutes / meditate

19:00 Go to the gym to train legs and upper body, maybe one-time sauna

21:00 To a recap of what I learned today for 20 minutes (active recall and spaced repetition)

21:30 Make everything ready for tomorrow

22:00 Listen to one fiction audiobook to get my mind ready for sleep

22:30 Sleep

In the last few days, I noticed again how important sleep is and how important it is to look after oneself.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“ Other things I learned this week

  1. The perception you have of yourself is very different from the perception others have of you.
  2. Self-reflection is one of the most valuable tools you can have. Knowledge can be learned in a relatively short time. Developing a strong mindset is a lifelong process.
  3. Taking notes of things I don't know in class.
  4. Ask me questions that could come up on the exam when listening to a lecture.
  5. Tiny habits of, for example, 15min writing every day cumulate to vast amounts at the end of a week, month, year...

ā›… Things I have not found a solution to yet

  1. Everything can be optimized. When to stop optimizing and outsource the work I have to do.
  2. How to publish blog posts that are satisfying (for me) without compromising quality in less than 15 minutes.