If you like to try out new things: 6 unconventional strategies I wish I knew 10 years ago to find focus (fast)

If you like to try out new things: 6 unconventional strategies I wish I knew 10 years ago to find focus (fast)


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If I could go back in time, these are the 6 things I wish I knew about how to find focus (fast).

(It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and effort.)

⚡️ #1 Get your energy and focus to a whole new level with the 10-minute Wim-Hof method.

Through targeted hyperventilation, the Wim-Hof method brings you into an energised and good state.

🧘‍♀️ #2 Vipassana meditation for mental clarity and relaxation

This 10-minute meditation is like a reset button for your brain.

You concentrate on your breathing and learn how to scan the entire body with the power of your thoughts.

😤 #3 Alternate breathing: To increase energy, achieve clarity and concentration.

There are already several studies done on alternate breathing. Here is one of them.

How to Do Alternate-Nostril Breathing
If you want to try alternate-nostril breathing, here’s what to do:

1. Sit quietly somewhere you don’t need to give any tasks your full attention.
2. Bring your right hand up to your nose and move your forefinger and middle finger out of the way. Place your thumb on your right nostril.
3. With this nostril covered, close your eyes and exhale fully and slowly through your left nostril.
4. Once you’ve exhaled completely, release your right nostril and put your ring finger on the left nostril.
5. Breathe in deeply and slowly from the right side. Make sure your breath is smooth and continuous.
6. Once you’ve inhaled completely, exhale through your right nostril.
7. Release your ring finger and close your right nostril with your thumb again. Breathe in fully and exhale fully from your left nostril.
8. Repeat the full process two or more times.

You can practice this breathing technique for a short time. Research shows that practicing for 10 minutes brings the most benefits.

from wmd.com.

🪐 #4 Don't set your expectations too high.

It takes an average of 21 minutes and 15 seconds to get back into flow after getting distracted.

Do you immediately push your maximum weight at the gym without warming up? 😉

🙆‍♀️ #5 External focus: Find the differences between your focused and distracted self.

Pay attention to the posture of your focused self.

  • Does it breathe into the belly or chest?
  • How does the focused self behave in contrast to the distracted self?

View it like a recipe. What main ingredients do you need to get into flow?

🗣 #6 Inner dialogue: How do you talk to yourself?

Many of us have this little inner voice.

The negative voice often sounds low. Change the pitch of your voice by perhaps making it higher and softer. The content does NOT change!

I always find it amusing to hear a sexy voice saying, "You can't do it, Lukas".

😴 BONUS: Getting smarter while you sleep

This hypnosis series by hypnotist Paul Mckenna is great done. For me it has achieved the desired effect.

You can believe in it, but you don't have to. It could be that one also achieves an effect only through the belief that it must work. Therefore, it is best to just go with it.

Okay, here you go. Here is more.

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