The 8 best audio programs by Tony Robbins, including the #1 self development system ever "Ultimate Edge", +100 hours of audio content: These are my top 10 takeaways + 5 bonus insights

The 8 best audio programs by Tony Robbins, including the #1 self development system ever "Ultimate Edge", +100 hours of audio content: These are my top 10 takeaways + 5 bonus insights


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I have listened to over 100 audio programs on self development systems. These eight audiobooks by Tony Robbins are my absolute favorites.

Over 100 hours later, here are my top 10 takeaways

1.❌ Stop making to-do lists. Instead, ask yourself:

  • What result do I want?
  • Why must I achieve it?

2. 🙏 Evaluate your belief system. Does it support you? Old: If I don't get what I want, I failed. New: If I keep trying, I have not failed yet. I have only failed if I quit trying.

3. ⚡ Practice constant pattern interruption to overcome your fear. Also, choose a new association. Otherwise, your surroundings will.

4. 🗣 Stop affirmations. Use incantations. By using your full body and voice doing power walks. Fully embody, shout and immerse into it.

5. 🤏 Don't major in minor things. Focus on the fulfilling and big moments you want to experience. Save the little things, creating quick hits of dopamine and certainty, for later.

6. 💞 The quality of your life is the quality of your habitual emotions - an emotional home. A person can have lots of money, friends, and wealth. If his habitual emotions are fear and stress, he will have a fearful and stressed-out life.

7. 🏇 Excitement must lead to immediate action. The 72-hour rule states: If you don't take action within the next 72 hours, the probability that you will ever take action is close to zero.

8. 🛳 If you want to take the island burn the boats: I applied this when running a marathon. I signed up but didn't get the cancellation insurance to make sure I wouldn't cancel the race.

9. 🐫 List the top 2 negative and top 2 positive feelings you experience in an average week. What step-by-step process do you have to do to achieve these emotions?

10. 💥 I now use powerful words to get into action. Like outstanding, life-changing, or transforming. Okay, I have to go do my breathtaking laundry now. 😉

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