> 20 minutes at -110°C; The First Ever Cryo Race in Zuerich

> 20 minutes at -110°C; The First Ever Cryo Race in Zuerich


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3 chambers (-10°C, -60°C, -110°C) 

The skin must first get used to the cold. Going immediately into -110°C with moist skin could lead to burns. Furthermore this insures that the temperature in the -110°C chamber remains stable.

🏃 It's Time to Race

The first ever Cryo Race in Zurich had Finally arrived and I couldn't miss it! Between 7 pm and 11 pm, six times into the cold chamber at -110°C. Thank you so much Paula at Cyrodukt Zuerich for hosting this event and letting me participate. I already knew how intense but also relaxing an experience 4 minutes at -110°C is. But over 20 minutes in total, at the temperature of -110°C is a whole different ballgame.

Red light to make the -110°C feel at least a little less cold.

🎯 The goal of the race is:

Optimal regeneration and time in the cold chamber to promote a steady and healthy output of dopamine, endorphins and adrenaline. Of course, combined with lots of fun, personal exchange and cold temperatures.

🧣 Protect Yourself

Equipped with a headband to protect the earlobes, a mask, socks, slippers and gloves, more than 20 participants and I stood in a circle while receiving instructions . We were divided into 5 groups, each with one race instructor.

💍 Every single Detail is Optimized

Afterwards every participant received a MCRC Vital Ring. Thereby the following is evaluated: Oxygen saturation, Oxygen desaturation, Blood pressure, Heart rate variability, Heart rate, Body temperature, Stress level, Bio-Age, sleep behavior and Regeneration state. For each group, the break time and time in the cold chamber was precisely planned with help of the live measured values. I hope to get a closer look at the software and development of the rings in the future. Highly exciting!

Homemade Hummus and healthy Snacks to support Regeneration 

🥶 My Experience During the Race

I have to admit (maybe because I was already in the cold chamber for 5 minutes before the race) - my knees started to shake after the third lap. Before the race I was still a bit tired, but I felt my energy increasing from lap to lap. At about 11 pm I started my way home and immediately went to bed. The nice thing about the cold is that it can push us and help us concentrate, but it also has an relaxing effect when coming to rest.

Our Relaxing Lounge

🚀 Conclusion - Definitely Noticable Effects

In the last 2 days after the race I woke up earlier, already after 6h - maybe my body needs less sleep? My deep sleep has improved compared to before and also my energy level feels higher - measured with my Garmin Venu 2. You do not only develop a certain resilience when being exposed to -110°C, but it's fun, you meet great new people and your overall performance increases.

💙 Thank You!

Thanks again to Paula, the owner of Cyrodukt for this great event! I really appreciate your generosity. Also a big thanks to Dominik who owns a cold chamber called CoolDown near Frankfurt. With slow squats, breathing exercises and meditation every run became an adventure. And finally, such events are great to meet new people with whom you can talk about the same areas of interest - greetings go out to David and Paride.

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