My favourite Book Of 2023: The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey


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According to Chris Bailey's book The Productivity Project, true productivity is accomplishing meaningful work in less time rather than just getting more done in less time.

6 Things I learned about Productivity after reading The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

Know your why: Why do you want to become productive?

Will you use the time gained to squeeze in more work or revitalize and relax?

Reflect on the past and plan the future week.

Questions you can ask yourself:

  • What needs more of my time, energy, and focus?
  • What did I spend too much time on?
  • What do I need to add to my to-do list?
  • Are there any new opportunities?
  • Are there any new challenges?
  • Am I happy with where I'm going?

Avoid scheduling shallow work.

The very process of scheduling "non-important tasks" gives them importance. Focus on 60-90 minute deep-work blocks. Try doing shallow work in between.

Use the 90% Rule to eliminate unimportant tasks.

The 90% Rule: For each to-do on your list, ask yourself: How important and fulfilling is this task on a scale of 1-100? Eliminate if score < 90.


Task switching isn't just an energy drainer. Studies show that it can lead to brain damage and lower IQ.

Use energy spikes for "high impact tasks" and energy lows to recover.

I schedule "health blocks" in my calendar as high-impact tasks and even used to track my energy levels every hour to find out daily peaks and lows. (When, by Daniel Pink)

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