No motivation to study? Try the problem-solution metaphor!

No motivation to study? Try the problem-solution metaphor!


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Use the problem-solution metaphor to get from the problem to the solution in 3 simple steps. I will explain the method using the problem "I have no motivation to learn".

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Yes, hello and welcome to the second episode in this series. That's so cool that you tuned in again and that so many people tuned in after a two month break. I have to say, I'm a bit exhausted because we've had a two and a half day weekend with just coaching with Marian von Landsiedel. And I would like to give you something right there, namely on the topic of not having motivation to learn.


I don't know if you've ever had that, that you get up in the morning and you think to yourself, "Somehow I don't feel like reading this," or, "Somehow I don't feel like answering the questions." You can use it however you want. I want to introduce you to the problem-solving metaphor there. So, why use metaphors at all? Yes, we always think or try to express things quite complexly. It is often difficult for us to express something, but it has always been easier for us to do so through images and stories. So, we have always told stories and we actually speak relatively often in metaphors, in pictures. I would like to give you a short example.


This problem-solving metaphor consists of three simple steps. Namely, the first one is, you name your problem in a picture. The second is, you name who you are in a picture. And the third is, you look at what a solution picture might look like. And from that, yeah, it doesn't always come right away, you have the solution, what you could then do in the real world, but you then let your subconscious really work and you still come up with solutions, like it did for me, for example. So, it's really, really powerful. I'll give you an example now.


So, with me it was like, I would often just get distracted while I was studying. And like then in self-coaching I actually asked myself the question, if your problem was an animal or a plant or a scaffold or whatever, what would it be? And with me it was the same way that it was bolts like that, so bolts that were hammering away at me. You can interpret that the way you want. And who or what am I myself in the picture? Well, I was just as much a race car driving on a race track and bolts kept coming from the left and the right. And as I then asked myself the last question, how such a solution picture could look, has come all at once: If I'm making a left-hand turn and a bolt comes from the right, then it actually takes me into the turn faster.


And it's cool, because then I actually use the bolt, which then brings me faster into the curve. So that I then drive into the left turn, if it comes from the right, then I get into the turn faster and yes, it then actually really brings me something. And yes, as I said, I won't tell you now how that really helped me, but I just want to say that through the image, through the pictorial description of what a solution path could look like, I came to the conclusion: "Hey, cool, I can use that to learn better." And yes, with me it was just so, if I now really interpret that really the distractions, so really the distractions were the bolts and I sat in the car. And all the bolts always distracted me and threw me off track.


I've really been able to use that now, by the fact that the bolt brings me faster into the curve. that's now something worn my subconscious now simply works and where I've now already written down ideas, collected ideas, how I can use, so to speak, the distractions simply, which have actually distracted me from learning so far. And yeah, I'll just tell you more about that in the next episode, then tomorrow. But I hope you can do something with it and yeah, maybe next time you're not enjoying learning, see if you can use that as a metaphor or have someone else coach you on that. I hope you enjoyed the episode and see you next time. Ciao, ciao!


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