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Apr 10
💆‍♀️ Unstress Yourself 💆‍♂️
Apr 03
🙂 Ultimate Guide for a Healthier and Happier Life
Mar 27
🎀 3 Things
Mar 13
🤖 Getting Things Done
Mar 06
😣 Setbacks and How to Handle them
Mar 01
How to Become Superhuman with the Slow Carb Diet by Tim Ferris
Feb 27
🚀 Life Advice
Feb 20
9 + 1 Reflection Questions
Feb 05
👑 NLP, Habits & Meditation
Jan 29
💥 Anticipation is Power
Jan 24
How to overcome Procrastination with this simple trick
Jan 22
Learning how to learn
Jan 20
The Diffused Mode: How to solve a difficult Problem (when getting stuck)
Jan 18
7 unique learning methods and how to use them
Jan 18
🧓 What is Wisdom?
Jan 18
My Favourite Tool to make Digital Highlights and store them in one Central Place
Jan 17
Planning is everything
Jan 15
🌜 My Productive Evening Routine
Jan 09
🍎 Seeing the apple or the whole tree
Jan 07
7 mind-bending questions to ask yourself to achieve your personal goals in 2023 (from a Tony Robbins result coaching)
Jan 07
Doing 1000 push-ups a day
Jan 07
3 evidence-based hacks on how to stop being stressed when self-studying
Jan 05
The power of meditation (better attention and concentration)
Jan 04
6 hacks for a miracle morning routine to go with more energy and ease through the day
Jan 03
No motivation to study? Try the problem-solution metaphor!
Jan 02
🔶️ My 2022 Favourites
Dec 31
Post-Exam Reflection Questions To Ask Yourself After An Exam
Dec 23
Evidence-based study methods
Dec 22
(Nr.24) Stare at the ceiling for 1 hour
Dec 20
3️⃣ Scientifically Proven Learning Hacks
Dec 20
My All Time Favourite Studying Resources
Dec 19
Last week's Podcast episodes on how to study effectively (german)
Dec 17
Use these 3 time management tips to stop procrastinating and start studying
Dec 16
8 underestimated ways to overcome laziness & start studying a subject you don't like
Dec 15
Discover the Cornell Method, which combines active recall and note-taking, to take your grades to a higher level
Dec 14
These 3 evidence-based study tips will improve your grades instantly
Dec 14
My Favourite Studying Resources + Youtube Studying Music
Dec 13
Memorization Strategies: How to remember what you study
Dec 12
🤓 The First 5 Simple Steps for Self Studying for Successful Students
Dec 12
💡 7 Top Study Methods and How To Use Them
Dec 10
As a student, Note-taking is a revision technique you should avoid (proven in hundreds of studies)
Dec 08
The 7-Day Challenge for Life Mastery from the Book Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins
Dec 07
A step-by-step Checklist on How To Create The Perfect Headline (Captains Table, Ship30 and tips from a marketing expert with 30 years of experience)
Dec 06
3 Simple (But Effective) Hacks on How to stop the Cycle of Negative Repetitive Thoughts
Dec 05
🔥 Discover my TOP 2 Most Viewed Blog Posts out of 100 published (+key takeaways)
Dec 02
NLP for Dummies: How to get started and what to expect from your first NLP-Practitioner (written by an NLP Trainer)
Dec 02
The NLP Online Master according to global standards: An experience report explaining 7 modules covered in the process of becoming an NLP Master
Dec 01
A simple 3-step Framework to use Active Recall to remember what you studied
Nov 30
The airline industry has spent millions of dollars to develop the world's most enhanced learning method. This is how it works:
Nov 28
8 Life Lesson I'll Never Forget From The 2-Day Seminar THE ART OF DOING YOUR THING