The Best Way To Get Started Learning About How To Build A Ghost Theme

The Best Way To Get Started Learning About How To Build A Ghost Theme


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I love learning about Web Development.

Unfortunately, when I first got interested in building a theme for, I had a hard time figuring out where to start.

What is Ghost? I would describe Ghost as a modern and more efficient alternative to Wordpress.

If you are trying to learn more about how to build a ghost theme here's the best way to get started

Read This Blog: Byron Themes

I love the short and immediately applicable blog posts. They give you new ideas on what you can integrate into your website.

Watch this Video-Class: Customize Your Theme Publication

A step-by-step Skillshare Course by Christopher Dodd. Together with him, you create a Ghost Theme from scratch. You learn primarily about the structure of theme.

Listen To This Podcast: The Laracast Snippet

Just had to share this, even though it is not specifically for Ghost Theme Development. Jeffrey Way talks in each episode about a single thought on some aspect of Web Development.

These 3 resources will exponentially accelerate your learning process.

Have you always wanted to write a blog, too? Check out my blog post 👻 Building a Blog with Ghost (Overview) to look at many more awesome features that the platform brings with it.