Building a Blog with Ghost CMS (Overview)

Building a Blog with Ghost CMS (Overview)


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πŸ” What is Ghost?

If you want to start a blog, you probably want to focus on the actual content production.

You'll need a fast, reliable, and nicely designed website. I want to introduce you to Ghost, an open-source platform written in Javascript. Just to make it clear, they do not sponsor me; they don't even know that I write this post. I genuinely love this Creator Platform.

Ghost is a Content Management System that consists of a front-end user interface that allows the user (without touching any code) to modify the webpage.

⚑ Core features of Ghost CMS

  • integrated newsletter
  • paid and free membership subscription, can use it like Patreon and get payouts via stripe
  • has integrations like Zapier or Google Analytics
  • Markdown so you can maintain your writing flow
  • creates SEO-friendly URLs
  • can insert custom HTML and CSS into a page
  • allows your readers to search across all published posts, keywords, and authors

How to get started with CMS

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I did not know where to start when I bought the Ali Abdaal theme for ghost CMS.
For hours I have laboriously tried by means of various tutorials to put together all the components. Now I want to help you set up your blog.

☁ Hosting, not Ghosting

You can let host you or self-host your site.

If you are running a self-hosted instance, Ghost recommends Ubuntu with at least 1GB to run Ghost. I decided to go with the ghost plan because it is the most convenient for me.

With Ghost Pro, you have Email support 24/7.

Hosting a Ghost publication - Fully-managed PaaS & self-hosted
The most efficient way to deploy an instance of Ghost is on our official fully-managed PaaS. Or you can self-host using our recommended stack!

I chose the creator plan, with the possibility to get custom integrations, like Zapier and GitHub. Custom Themes like mine from Ali Abdaal are, too, only available with the Creator Package.

Plans available on Ghost

πŸŒ… Conclusion

Ghost has an aesthetic design, runs super fast and smooth, and I like its built-in newsletter.

It is preferential to have little coding experience when starting with Ghost. If not, at least a little courage to read into the documents from Ghost.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ If you are interested and want to read more about building your blog with Ghost, look at my latest post. The Best Way To Get Started Learning About How To Build A Ghost Theme


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