6 hacks for a miracle morning routine to go with more energy and ease through the day

6 hacks for a miracle morning routine to go with more energy and ease through the day


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Today I will share my miracle morning routine with you.

Establishing a proper morning routine (including these 6 hacks) will set you up for the day. You have laid the foundation to build upon and will notice more energy, motivation, and ease through the day.

I have been perfecting my morning routine for years by following people like Ali Abdaal and Dr. Huberman.

Here are my 6 hacks for a miracle morning routine to get more energy and ease:

#1. I have enabled the sleep mode on my phone that engages from 22:30 to 07:00.

It turns the phone screen to black and white and sets all alarms, calls, messages, etc., silent. Thus, I don't use my phone before bed. It also hinders me from looking at the phone first thing in the morning.

#2. I go outside to let the light shine into my eyes and let my body feel today's temperature.

Many studies like this one show that light in the morning improves sleep, mood, and general well-being.

Within the first 30minutes after waking up it is beneficial to open all curtains, let fresh air inside your room. Then I normally go onto my balcony (without socks, to "ground" myself) and let my inner cycradian clock know that it's daytime.

#3. I ask myself the following 3 questions to prime myself for the day.

Should I focus on what's missing or what I have?

Should I focus on what I can't or cannot control today?

Should I focus on the past, the future, or the present?

#4. I drink half a liter of water to compensate for the water I lost while sleeping and avoid coffee in the first two hours after waking up.

Neuroscientist and podcaster Dr. Andrew Huberman recommend delaying coffee intake by 90 to 120 minutes after waking up. The reason why is to avoid a caffeine crash in the afternoon. If you want to know why this is, listen to the 3-minute snip.

#5. I take a cold shower for 2 minutes.

I take a cold shower, so the things that come the following day will feel light compared to the cold shower I did in the morning. I usually set a timer for 2 minutes. (less is not beneficial for health anymore, according to peakwolf – but it depends on temperature).

#6. I either do the Tony Robbins Priming or Vipassana Meditation, where I focus on my breath.

I wrote a whole blog post on priming like Tony Robbins.

If you want to know more about Vipassana, I recommend reading or listening to this book. It teaches the fundamentals about the Vipassana meditation and mindset of S. N. Goenka.

#7. (bonus) Here are some other quotes I got while listening to this great podcast episode with Tony Robbins and Jay Shetty.

There are two pains in life: The pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Problems are challenges to be solved.
Let disappointment defeat or drive you.
What you focus on, you will get. Don't let fear drive you.
I will feed my mind and strengthen my body.


1. I try to not look at my phone the first few hours of the day, to have clear and empowering thoughts.

2. I try to do some kind of exercise, just for a couple of minutes to boost bloodflow to the brain.

3. I try to keep unimportant decisions to a minimum as too many decisions will create decision fatigue. This is why we are so tired after going shopping without a premade shopping list. At least I am. ☺️

Read my post on the best book I ever read on building a building a morning routine called Miracle Morning.