Shortform: My favourite App for Book Summaries

Shortform: My favourite App for Book Summaries


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Over the past 6 years, I've tried almost every paid and free book summary app on the market.

I discovered Shortform about a year ago from Youtuber and author Ali Abdaal. Since then, I have been using Shortform weekly. (My mom, too bought it and cannot stop reading 🤓)

shortform books like "deep work", "atomic habits" etc.

Shortform vs. other book summary apps

What are the features of Shortform that make it stand out from other book summary apps?

"Way more than book summaries" - Shortform

💎 Quality over quantity: By offering only a carefully chosen selection of book summaries, decision fatigue is reduced.

🔄 Book comparisons: The Authors' statements are analyzed and compared to other literature and current research.

Book comparison example

❓ Reflection Questions: Acquired knowledge is tested through self-reflection questions helping to implement the learnings into your daily life.

Self-reflection question example

🧅 Shortforms unique content structure: Shortform rarely follows the table of contents of the summarized book. They create their logical content structure.

🖨 Printable PDF downloads: Shortform offers printable PDF downloads. You can print out the summaries and underline them by hand.

🌲 Offline mode: Shortform has an offline mode that allows you to read without an internet connection.

📌 Recommendations feature: Shortform has a “Recommendations” feature that suggests books based on interests and reading preferences.

👁‍🗨 Sentence View feature: Shortform provides a “Sentence View” feature which allows you to read through a sentence-by-sentence breakdown of the book.

My idea to improve Shortform's book summaries

I don't want to give the impression to possess the competence to do a better job than the people at Shortform. However, I have noticed 2 things that could be improved.

📹 A short 3-minute video summarizing the overall concept of the book.

🔎 When clicking the table of contents, no subheadings or headings are shown. Having a table of contents with hyperlinks to the corresponding paragraph would be nice.

Table of contents

This post is not sponsored by Shortform. However, if someone from Shortform reads this, I am happy to collaborate :) - edit 27.10.23

I've been using Shortform for about 2 years and now I’ve partnered with them as an affiliate! Use my link for a 20% discount on the annual subscription. That’s about 2 and a half months of the service for free.


Shortform Book Summaries I am currently reading


Book Summaries I am currently reading (shown on computer browser)

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