These 3 evidence-based study tips will improve your grades instantly

These 3 evidence-based study tips will improve your grades instantly


I am a big believer that these 3 evidence-based study tips have the power to change your grades by one mark or more.

I have been obsessed with learning how to study effectively for over 5 years, and since that time I have improved my grades by 3 marks. Learning how to study effectively has also helped me find my community of people, make new friends, and improve myself in ways I otherwise never would have. I recommend everyone to start learning how to study effectively.

3 evidence-based study tips that will improve your grades instantly (you will not believe study tip number 1)

Study Tip #1: Pretesting promotes learning to a greater extent than post-testing.

With pretesting, the hypothesis is that students are primed to search for the correct answer in a text after getting a wrong answer.

Study Tip #2: Breaks between practicing a new skill are just as important as actually learning the skill.

In this study, students were taught how to write on a keyboard. Between short breaks, the brain runs through the new situations it has just learned, which helps it remember them.

Study Tip #3: Move your body while you study.

A new study found that two-letter pairs (making sounds like "ch, ee, ph") are learned more effectively when integrating a whole-body movement. While studying other things (not only two-letter pairs), more research needs to be done on embodiment's benefits.

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