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I've prepared a list of interesting topics I've gained insights on:

  • Huberman Lab Fitness Protocol: I've been trying the Huberman Lab Fitness Protocol for several weeks and tracking my workouts with the Strong app.
  • Tracking: I've started tracking my habits, behaviors, and process goals. Whenever I incorporate a new habit into my life, I always try to make it measurable, using a simple Google sheet.
Habit/Behaviour/Process Goal Tracking on Google Sheets from the 8th of February till 17th of February 2024
Tracking with a simple google sheets
  • #MonthlyChallenge: On my 30-Day Yoga Journey with Adriene, I'm on Day 25. I like the video-guided implementation of a new practice, like Yoga. What should I try next month?
  • Audiobook: "Mindset" by Carol S. Dweck. This is a great book on the power of habitual beliefs which eventually create our mindset, either fixed or a growth mindset.
  • 2 Inspiring Questions:
    1. What conversations are you avoiding?
    2. What is one thing you must minimize, and one thing you must maximize to achieve the desired outcome?
  • Habit Formation: Good habits should be made obvious, easy, and awesome. Bad habits should be made invisible, hard, and terrible.
  • Time-Tracking has made me more prone to single-tasking. Shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone's productive time. ("Multitasking: Switching costs", American Psychological Association)
  • Quote on Procrastination: "Practicing a skill called self-compassion—which involves being kind (instead of judgmental) to yourself, realizing that everyone procrastinates, and avoiding identifying strongly with a negative self-image—can help you decrease your distress and increase your motivation to get the task done." (Shortform, Immediate Action by Thibaut Meurisse)
  • Quote on Fitness: Grip strength, or how hard you can grip with your hands, is pegged by Attia as a proxy for overall strength and robustness. Increase it with weighted carries, dead hangs, or pull-ups. “One of the standards we ask of our male patients is that they can carry half their body weight in each hand (so their full body weight in total) for at least one minute,” says Attia.
  • Longevity Fitness: I am in the process of building a weekly longevity training program for myself, with science-backed research from experts like Andrew Huberman, Peter Attia, and Jeff Cavaliere. It's for people interested in living a healthy, long, and enjoyable life. The focus is on injury prevention, cardiovascular exercises, building muscle and strength in important parts of the body, and flexibility. It's not for those only interested in the aesthetic aspect of training, like gaining big biceps and a chest to impress.

Fitness has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years. I wanted to share with you a photo from when I was 17.5 years old, back then trying to achieve an Arnold-like physique. The hair is definitely on point. 🪮

flexing in front of the mirrow with an old school biceps pose
me in 2014: gym > school

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