Top 4 Favourite Apps I Have On My Phone

Top 4 Favourite Apps I Have On My Phone


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πŸ’­ Think about it

Does it ever happen to you that you think about buying bread or apples, when you are on the way to the supermarket, but forget about it by the time you get there?

What if you could remember all the brilliant thoughts and ideas you've ever had?

What if you could experience conversations you had two years ago, all over again?

What would you feel? A sense of joy? Excitement?

πŸ’Ύ My Simple Saving System

Today we will make the first step toward these goals.

The first step is:

Capture ideas, moments, and todos that resonate with you.

I will guide you through my simple capture system today. You can also watch my video for further details if you want.

For the simple capture system, you only need 3 apps available in the App Store or Google Play Store. (These are only my preferences, you can use any apps you like, ideally supporting widgets.)

βœ… ToDoIst (Task Manager)

βœ… Evernote (for Notes)

βœ… Otter (speech-to-text)

[Instapaper (read later app for articles/blog posts)]

I often have ideas that I forget after a few seconds (aging?). So I finally took the time to make a setup that is very convenient so that one can quickly and without much effort save basically all the output of the mind/brain digitally.

πŸŸ₯ Task Manager - ToDoIst

If I remember a todo that can't be done in less than 2 minutes -> advice from the book Getting Things Done, then I save it in ToDoIst.

β€œIf an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it’s defined.” -David Allen

Basic functions of ToDoIst:

  • ToDos can be entered (duh)
  • A priority (range 1-4 can be set)
  • a date until when the task has to be done
  • label #work #school #private

🐘 Note System - Evernote

If I have an important thought or I want to make other written notes, I capture them in Evernote. With 2 simple clicks, the note is saved and ends up in my inbox in Evernote. From there, when I have time afterward, I can move it to the appropriate project, area, reference, or archive folder. Read more about PARA.

With Evernote, you can scan several pages and then save them in a single document. If you search for a word, Evernote also searches in images, photos and PDFs. It even recognizes handwritten notes.

🦦 Speech-to-text

Do you know the feeling when you are just too tired to write down your thoughts? Or just not in the mood to phrase a sentence? I definitely do.

That's why I was really excited when I discovered The program translates speech into text with 97-98% accuracy (unfortunately only available in English). With the free version, you can turn up to a total of 3h voice memos into text, edit them and move it to your note system.

πŸ“„ Read-Later-App Instapaper

I made a detailed video about Instapaper.


The main points are:

  • Store only what resonates with you, what you feel is important, or what you know you will forget in the future
  • Find your own "capture system"
  • Install widgets for your task manager and notes app to easily and quickly capture information
  • Make it a habit. For example, try capturing 1-2 notes a day for the first week.