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👋 Hello friend

I went through my notes from 2023. This are the spare findings.


quote from northwestern university research on failure
What lessons through failure did you learn this year?

📝 Full Article: Why Do Some People Succeed after Failing, While Others Continue to Flounder?, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

💡 Podcast: Huberman - Tools to Boost your Mental Health & Mood

Explanation of the "Big 6" core pillars for mood & mental health.

Go to 00:24:38 -> Nighttime Environment and darkness

New Studies on the Correlation of Light and Sleep

🥳 Podcast Episode: Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conduct a 'Past Year Review’ Instead - Tim Ferris

☑️ 30-60 minute Reflection Exercise

Reflect on the positives of last year and schedule them for next year

Tim Ferriss 5-Step Reflection Exercise on the past year
Reflection Exercise for 2023 from Tim Ferriss

🎓 Audiobook: The little Book of Talent | Daniel Coyle

52 Tips for improving your skills

5 years research, interviews from the best -> 90 minutes read

Read the Very good summary from Derek Sivers

😵‍💫 NLP Technique: Utilization Principle

"Utilizing" means using everything for you.

positive & negative behaviors, motivation & even resistance ...

Question: How could we take advantage of this?

Question: What can the negative behavior/thinking/... be used for?

🔵 Things (for iOS) the award winning task-management app

User Interface on the iPad with different categories like today, upcoming etc. and to-do tasks
User Interface on the iPad
review New York Times
Review from the New York Times

My To-Do List App for "small" things I want to get done.

Features I love:

  • calendar integration: see events & to-dos together
  • useful widgets
  • "mail to things" with costumized email address

🛑 My Weekly & Daily Planning Tool TeuxDeux (iOS and web)

iPhone interface with 6 iphones
on iOS from Destroy Today
web interface of teuxdeux, seeingevery day of the week
on the Web from Destroy Today

My favourite App to organize my day/week.

I capture 3-5 Projects a day. 


☀️🌚 A new morning and evening reflection template.

I structured it like in the Creator Journal.

Download your free PDF template.

☑️ The Checklist Manifesto - Shortform

This weeks summary to read was The Checklist Manifesto. 

I am in the process of writing everyday checklists. 

"But while training and experience are important, expertise can’t eliminate human fallibility. What’s needed is a different strategy for preventing failure that takes advantage of knowledge and experience but also compensates for human flaws. The solution is a checklist." - The Checklist Manifesto on Shortform
"In complex environments, checklists can help to prevent failure by addressing two problems:

1. Our memory and attention to detail fail when we’re distracted by more urgent matters.
2. People have a tendency to skip steps even when they remember them." - The Checklist Manifesto on Shortform
"Boeing’s flight deck designer, Daniel Boorman, is an expert on checklists. Before creating a checklist, he recommends two things:
1) Define a clear ‘“pause point” or logical break in the workflow at which the checklist is to be used.
2) Decide whether to create a Do-Confirm list or a Read-Do list." - The Checklist Manifesto on Shortform

Have a great week! 🌱

xx Lukas