Top Tools, Apps & Books

Top Tools, Apps & Books


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🔨 Gadgets and tools I have

Earbuds I use these in summer (because of the heat)

Bose QuietComfort Noise Reduction Earbudsamazon-svgrepo-com

Headphones I use in winter (keep my ears warm)

Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphonesamazon-svgrepo-com

For reading, I love to use the Kindle or good old books with paper pages.

Kindle Paperwhiteamazon-svgrepo-com

My Favourite Books

  • Into the Magic Shopamazon-svgrepo-com
  • 4000 Weeks - Oliver Burkemanamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Building a Second Brain - Taigo Forteamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Show Your Work - Austin Kleonamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Steal Like an Artist - Austin Kleon amazon-svgrepo-com
  • Anything You Want - Derek Siversamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Make It Stick - Peter C. Brownamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Miracle Morning - Hal Elrodamazon-svgrepo-com
  • Make Time - Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky amazon-svgrepo-com
  • Why We Sleep - Matthew Walkeramazon-svgrepo-com
  • Atomic Habits - James Clear amazon-svgrepo-com
  • The 4-hour workweek - Timothy Ferriss amazon-svgrepo-com
  • 📱 Apps

    Here you can find apps that I use nearly daily.

    📖 Reading

    Shortform - is the best book summary platform I know of. It provides one-page and extensive per-chapter summaries, audio narration, articles, and highlights.

    Kindle - Did you know there is a Kindle app? - great for reading full books on your phone.

    Audible (30-day free trial + 1 free audiobook) - the single app I have used most often in my lifetime. When I get a book recommendation, I usually add it to my favorites on Audible after reading the summary on Shortform.

    Medium - a platform with a lot of great articles about all different kinds of topics. Click the Medium Link to follow me. :)

    Readwise - connects with and saves highlighted sentences from your favorite reading apps like Kindle or Shortform. You can also regularly receive highlights you made on your Kindle by email. No more "highlighted and forgotten."

    Instapaper - in this article, Tiago Forte talks about the dark side of constantly reacting to outer stimuli. With Instapaper, we can save interesting articles and read them later.

    If you want to know how to quickly and easily save articles, social media posts, youtube videos, and podcast episodes for later, this video has a good explanation. We look at how to use the best read-later app I know of.

    📓 Note-taking

    Notion - My favourite note-taking app, which serves as my second brain. Listen to this episode if you want to find out more.

    Evernote - The note-taking app I use to capture notes before they get transferred into my second brain. The Evernote search function is very impressive. It searches in PDFs, pictures, and even handwritten notes.

    ToDoist - quick capture app of tasks to do.

    🤓 Studying

    Forest - The Pomodoro technique is a powerful technique where you concentrate for 25 minutes on a task, followed by a 5 minutes break. It lets you track your progress with planting one tree per "pom session".

    Wingwave - positive melodies, mainly due to a left-right beat, decrease stress and increase creativity and concentration. How it works.

    Breathe - My favorite app for guided breathing exercises.

    💪🏼 Health

    Headspace - the best single meditation app I have ever used. It has different meditation categories like Managing anxiety, Focus, Creativity, Balance, and so many more.

    f.lux - adapts the color of your computer's display, sunlight during the day, and warmth at night. Click here if you want to find out more about how to improve your sleep.

    🌟 Other

    Otter - the best AI software which translates speech to text. (referral link for 1 month for free)

    IFTTT - Easy automation between apps

    Canva - Designing beautiful whiteboards, logos, collages, etc.