Journaling for one hour


Template in Notion where you can see the dates of my journal entries, but not the content

For a long time I had a diary template in Notion, for which I took no more than 3 minutes every morning and evening. I usually answered it after waking up and before going to sleep in bed.

šŸ§­ What did it help me to do? To reflect on my thoughts and feelings and consciously control my focus.

šŸ If you wonder why I asked myself the question "What did I dream?" - at the time, as I was experimenting with Lucid Dreaming.

If you want, feel free to copy the 3 min journal template from

Morning šŸŒž

What did I dream?

Three things I am grateful for

Looking forward to

What under my control would make today even more great

Idea for Experiment to Run

If I lived even more consciously, freely, and courageously, I would:

I am

Most Important Thing to Focus On

Night šŸŒ›

Three Wins

One thing I learned Is it a Breakthrough Idea (link to page for those)?

One thing I could have done to make today better, and how can I apply it tomorrow? Something I could have said better?

Am I resisting something? What?

Favorite thing of my day?

Short story of a moment today:

Experiment/hypothesis from today?

What could I do tomorrow that is High Leverage? High/boundless upside, low downside.

Request for subconscious mind to sleep on