My Favourite Apps

My Favourite Apps



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In this episode, I will be talking about my top 3 Favourite Apps.

Here you can read the full blog post about my favourite apps. The apps that I use can change depending on what my needs are at the time. I have arranged them into categories like reading, studying, health and note taking.

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So my first application, which I probably couldn't live with without, and I always say, if I could choose one application, I would definitely choose this one, which is called.

Yes. Hello everyone. And welcome. This podcast episode today, I will be talking about my favorite free applications, which you can download on your phone or on your computer. So my first application, which I probably couldn't live with without, and I always say, if I could choose one application, I would definitely choose this one, which is called audible.

And if you don't know, audible is this huge platform with, I believe over 2000 books where you can listen to audio books. And the great thing about this is that you can do this really while running, cooking. Going to work, writing the train pretty much everywhere. If I read a book, it takes quite a while.

So it probably takes some weeks, not because I read so slowly, but just because there's not a much not enough time. And normally I listen to educational content. So I don't want to do this in the evening when I have the time, because I want, yeah. Just want to take some rest for my brain, that it doesn't do overwork and can't sleep at night.

Then I'd rather read fiction books, which you can by the way also to an audible. But yeah, the great thing is just, it saves time. You can listen to it. Yeah. 1.5 X time speed, or even two times. So it, you can listen to. Book which would take normally eight hours and then just in four hours, which is just crazy.

And it just saves you so much time because you can just consume the information faster and also have, yeah, probably the same benefit. It's when you read a book. So the second app, which I really, really like is a notetaking app and it's my favorite app for capturing notes. So just quick notes. When I example, I just sit at the bus station and having a great idea for something for work.

I know that I will, soon or later within 10 or 20 seconds, I will forget. This thought will never think about it again. Then I have just trained myself really to get out yeah. To have my phone. And then I have to just, I have the galaxy tend to just click with my thumb on the screen and I have pre-installed with Evernet a widget.

So, if you don't know what a widget is, it's this shortcut actually on your home screen where I just have to press one button and then it opens automatically a new app on my phone. So a new note on my phone, just a blank note, and then I just can write in it. So why I like it so much is first yes.

This option for quick capture. And also because of the search function, this is just genius. I'm not the person who really, yeah. Who really who's organized there with notes. So that that's, I think the worst thing, what you could do to me is say you have to sort your and categorize your notes for one hour.

That would be total horror. So it has this search function where you have just, you can just type in the word you're searching for. So for example you say dentist, you, you wanna know what you, yeah. You write the note maybe about how, what the dentist appointment was about and how much money you've spent and you can just then after, yeah, a couple of years then.

Write dentist into the first search function. And then it will just show you all the options where you wrote dentist and you can do the same. So it searches through your notes, your photos, your PDF files, and also your handwritten notes. And that's, I believe really crazy. The third, third application, which I could definitely recommend.

And I've been also using, trying to use it consistently for over. Yeah, I think now it's really three 40 years is called Headspace. And as the name already. Yeah says probably it's to get more space in your head by meditation. So it's a guided the best guided meditation app I think is out there. There are a couple of other apps, for example, calm, which I've heard is also pretty good, but I've stuck to this because it just has so many different courses, which you can attend.

Those courses normally go for 10 to 30 days. About different topics. So let's say you're currently moving from a place to another place, to your new, new home, new apartment. It has an own playlist yeah. For moving. So the fear maybe of moving of letting old things behind going to a new place and it's been really specialized on the meditation.

On your topic or currently I'm doing the creativity class and I did find in focus for 30 days. And I think the cool thing, thing about it is that you, yeah, you can just click on it on the topic and yeah. And then just say, okay, I want to meditate. 10 minutes 15 or 20 minutes. Yeah. It just guides you through.

And it begins with, at the first level, the first 10 lessons it's guided with many instructions and then it gets less and less and you have to yeah, you get better and better at meditating too. So you don't need so much instruction. I believe it really helped. So the class also with focus helped and.

The creativity right now, which I'm taking really, really helps. So if you said, Hey, I always wanted to try meditation and would like to just need a little bit assistance because at the beginning it can be quite hard and there are quite many thoughts then I would recommend you can just click down at the link for Headspace and try it out.

So thank you very much, everybody for listening to this episode, if you found value in this episode, It would be great if you could subscribe just on your podcast platform to this podcast that you don't miss any episode. And also if you want to learn more about the apps, I find very helpful and I have been using, or currently using, you can find out more in my.

A latest blog down below and yeah. Be sure to check it out. There are many more apps, which I haven't mentioned in this episode. That's everything from you. I'll see you next time.