For people who are interested in Personal Development:  Here's how to make the 2mm shift from being excellent to absolutely outstanding.

For people who are interested in Personal Development: Here's how to make the 2mm shift from being excellent to absolutely outstanding.


In your category of personal development, one commonly held belief most people have is that a coach is someone who stands on the sideline of the field, shouts what to do, and cheers on the team.

a coach doing something noone understands

✨ In the past, only leaders of big companies and top athletes had the privilege of getting a coach

People are getting coaches more often these days, which helps them reach their full potential.

You are one of the few percent of people who actively work to shape their future if you hire a coach.

❌ A common misconception about personal development coaching is that as a coach, you must have better knowledge of the client's field

They should not be confused with a consultant, who provides advice and strategies.

A coach is also not a clinical psychologist; a clinical psychologist works with people with illnesses or other mental health concerns. However, a coach works only with healthy people.

🚀 Why should you even bother getting a coach?

Faster achievement of the result you want (if it is a good coach, also work towards what fulfills you)

Clarify your goals and vision

✅ An actionable plan to make the vision a reality

New possibilities for action and thoughts emerge that the client did not have access to before

✅ It's the 2% that differentiates the excellent from the outstanding - a coach can make this tiny difference

⛰ This is how Tony Robbins Results Coaching looks like

  1. Identify limiting beliefs
  2. Develop patterns to overcome those limiting beliefs
  3. Make those patterns second nature, part of your regular habits

❓ If it's not an option to get a coach right now, start by answering the following 10 questions:

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