How to Run a Marathon (without any training)

How to Run a Marathon (without any training)
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šŸŽ™ About the episode

In this episode I share with you how I managed to run a full marathon. By using mental techniques, I was able to push myself kilometer by kilometer to the finish line.

šŸ¤© If you want to become the best version of yourself, then this challenge is definitely right for you.

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āœ Transcript

Yes. Hello everyone. Today I want to share something really, really special with you with everyone. And this is, as you probably already read on the title that I ran a. Yeah, exactly. I ran a marathon and it was crazy. It was really cool. So all started one month ago when I decided yeah, when I went by train to Zurich and I told myself, I want to try something new and.

Suddenly, this, this thought popped in my mind, I have to say it or also is, or is in my, on my bucket list that I want to run a marathon and I just Googled it. And as, yeah, sometimes it just is there was a popup of a marathon in one month, which I could run and. I just signed up. I literally just signed up with also no, a inhalation, so I, I had no, so it, I couldn't cancel it.

If I have had canceled it, I would pay like, yeah, the amount, so hundred 20 Franks or something like that, a hundred $40. And that's. what I, yeah, I wouldn't do. I just wouldn't do that. So yeah, it started one month before. And I have to say, I already trained, like I ran maybe. Yeah. For two months there maybe two times a week, 20 minutes or something like that.

And also then that month, the ongoing month before the marathon, I ran maybe, yeah, let's say three times a week, 20 minutes, half an hour, maybe, but I never ran. I never ran near than 10 kilometers. So about, I think like five miles and as the competition got near. Like one week I felt like, okay. I, I joked with my friends and stuff, but I thought like, yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do that somehow.

And then it got pretty realistic when the night before I calculated. What amount I would need, what I have to run per mile per kilometer, that there's not the bicycle running behind me and says, Hey, you have to end the competition without your without your number on your shirt. And I think it was per kilometer, about seven minutes.

And. yeah, I literally then had good running shoes. I, I, yeah, fortunately I already had them and also a t-shirt and short trousers. Yeah. I read something about, yeah. Something just how to run a marathon online taped the nipples because for, yeah, that's actually something you have to do because just because it's always rubbing on your shirt they can get pretty.

Burning after 21 miles. So I did that. What else did I do? Yeah, I just looked a little at the at the area where I run and that's actually it. After four hours of sleep, I stood up about five, 5:00 AM and went there by train and. yeah. When I left the room, I thought about like, oh man, when I'm going to get back there, I, I probably can't walk and yeah, just, just like that, it also happened a little bit.

So I have to say the first. Yeah, my, my goal was just to, to. Yeah, to just arrive in the, in the, in the finish line, on the finish line. And that's also what I have to say. I visualized a couple of times, so I, I had to use some yeah, strong NLP tactics and from mental training, which I learned just to visualize myself, to feel myself, to see myself to Brief like when I'm running through that finish line and that still gives me like such a powerful energy right now.

And That's something I will never lose just at the moment when I ran through this finish line. That was really, really great. And I visualized that. Like I already have done it before, when I went by train there. That's also, what many skiers do they just, you know if you see them maybe in television and they do like those head movements with ice closed, they're just.

Going yeah. Running and skiing through there through their race track and what they're gonna do in the next few minutes. And that's exactly also what I did. And the first about 20 kilometers were totally fine. I have to say I was the last one running. I literally, I saw the, the list afterwards and saw that for the, yeah, I think first, like, 1314 kilometers.

I was the last one and yeah, I just, you know, the important thing I believe is just really to run your tempo and don't let you stress out by anyone else to be the fastest at the beginning. And then. Have to go like the last 10 kilometers and then barely make it into the finish line. And that's something really cool.

I also wanted to do to just keep running. So doesn't matter what I will not go. And there were many people going the last couple of kilometers, the last couple of miles and I wasn't one of them . Then, yeah, I have to say after a 20 kilometers, so about yeah, 10 miles something bad happened with my, my ankle.

So I felt it in the, in the knees. And I used then some technique also from NLP, which is called yeah, you, you change your submodalities. So if you, if you visualize, for example, your. Yeah, it probably sounds first a little strange, but if you visualize your knee you can probably see a color there.

You can probably see a form, you maybe a cartoon or something with muscles or skeleton, something like that. And. If you try to change that. So maybe change the color to a softer color, maybe from the red bloody color when you visualize your knee, the hurting knee. Maybe change it to a softer blue, to a lighter, not burning color, but a, a blue color.

And also the, maybe you can make it black and white or just, yeah, maybe turn it somehow the, the image and that's really what I did. And this is what also helped me through. You can also maybe try this one. The next time you remember really bad situation and you. Yeah, because we like, think in pictures, you can visualize this picture and make it black and white, or just turn the sound off when there is a loud voice or yeah, there are really, really many other tactics.

I will probably also make it pot. Yeah, maybe a podcast episode or sub block post about sub modalities. Really, really strong P technique that I used. And also I really just focused on. The feet touching the ground just like a, like a meditative run. And also of course the music, the music helped me so much with Spotify and the motivating a track.

I have to say it was that that was really also something game changing another. So I, I think I ran then. Yeah, I wasn't the 25th kilometer, 30 kilometer. And then I realized they, they were. They were giving us those not only bananas and some other chocolatey stuff and isotonic drinks and water, but also these gels, which you can just suck up.

They bring so much energy and back then. Yeah. I mean, I don't drink any coffee and I'm with that. There was caffeine in it and I just went there and took like those two free four things and just junked it down into my mouth, just swallowed everything. And this, I did like every five kilometers, I think from the 25th or 20th kilometer on.

And this gave me such a strong energy boost and somehow also, probably because of this. I really made it and finished it until, yeah, I think I did it in four four hours, 45 minutes, 21, 1 kilometers for 21 miles and four. Yeah. That's in, in kilometers 42 kilometers. And was so, so. But then the real challenge began.

I had to go get home somehow. And this was really, really bad because I couldn't really walk anymore. I mean, a little, but I was just so tired and trained on everything and I literally rent went into bed and. I couldn't sleep. There was just so much caffeine of the things of the gels in my body, in my system that I couldn't sleep.

But yeah, I mean, I, I didn't tell anyone. I told my parents, they didn't believe it first. And yeah, I, I still don't believe it actually, that I really ran the marathon. And I think, I hope this is a motivation for you too, because you know, those things like marathon running a marathon, running a triathlon, bungee jumping base, jumping, all those things are like, so they, they sound so big.

And if you tell anyone from them, they say, nah, I'm not gonna make that that's too crazy. Or you have to train for years or something. That's not true at all. It's so much about the mindset. And if I didn't, I, if I probably, if I'd read all the posts about how to run a marathon and when to do it and how much you have to do it and what, what do you have to do?

I wouldn't have ran it. And if you just sometimes. Yeah, sh just shut up and don't say anything to anyone and just do it, like let your, your action speak. That's something really, really powerful. And I believe that's also why I did two other things this year, which I will talk about soon too.

I hope you got a little inspiration from this episode and. See you until next time. Bye. Bye.