Olympic Triathlon: 8 Things You Have To Know

Olympic Triathlon: 8 Things You Have To Know
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šŸŽ™ About the episode

I will share 8 actionable and helpful tips on how to get started running an Olympic Triathlon. What does it take to prepare for this event? What important role does mindset play? What would I do differently now? I will share my personal experience training for and running the Olympic Triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland in the summer of 2022. Enjoy!

Life is a constant fight against our comfort zone. You push, it tries to push back. Find your comfort zone today, step out of it and as you slowly get comfortable again, push it even further. Don't try to get rid of the fear. Accept it and do it anyway.

šŸ‘» If you want to become the best version of yourself, then this challenge (My Impossible List) is definitely right for you.

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