Revealed: Tony Robbins 4-step-process on how to sell anything. I found rare footage explaining how he sells his products and seminars to make millions

Revealed: Tony Robbins 4-step-process on how to sell anything. I found rare footage explaining how he sells his products and seminars to make millions


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Tony Robbins is one of the best salespeople who ever lived.

WARNING! This may sound manipulative. I am simply impressed, as I think I have "fallen for it", too.

However, he also delivers what he promises. I am a big fan of his.

💕 #1 Develop good rapport by matching and mirroring gestures, breathing patterns, and voice to make them like you personally

Then find their needs by asking: "What do you really want?" (People will tell you with good rapport.)

When having rapport, lead them into a good buying state by asking questions. Change their focus by asking: "What would it be like if it worked?"

🤓 #2 Provide Logic and reason so that they have just enough details to justify an emotional decision

  • DO NOT list facts and statistics
  • integrate your information naturally with storytelling

💸⏳ #3 The most common excuses are "I don't have the time." and "I don't have the money." In reality, they just don't know if it's worth it. (while keeping rapport!)

Attack by telling what other people missed because they said the two most common excuses (time, money)

"But not you, you are committed. You really want to change."

Confess to being guilty of not having signed up earlier.

"I can't believe how much time I lost. I'm not going to let you down. Here, sign up."

🌺 #4 Get them into the feeling of achieving their hopes and needs

Make them take a decision and commit to signing up NOW

Don't ask. Be straight. (keep rapport)

"Who else do you think wants to come?"

🐍 BONUS: Anthony Robbins recommends these 4 questions, if they are not sure whether it is worth buying

  1. "Do you want to continue like this?" (pain)

2. "Do you want to change and get what you want?" (pleasure)

3. "How would you feel if you had changed already? What if it worked? Would it be worth it?"

4. "Remember when you made a good decision? What if it was the same right now?" (you make them process)

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