Why getting into an ice bath is comparable to any other challenge in our lives

Why getting into an ice bath is comparable to any other challenge in our lives


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šŸ‘‹ Hello friend

Today I did the Wim Hof Method breathing method.

And what can never be missing according to the Wim Hof method? Exactly, the good old ice bath.

So, I so at a pleasant 15 Ā° C comfortably in the bathtub, (šŸ˜‰) when the following came to mind by the increased sensitivity due to the cold:

The process of taking an ice bath is similar to any challenge in our lives.

The reason why some people succeed in challenges and others do not is HOW they make a decision.

I decided with absolute certainty to go to the ice bath. (unlike other times šŸ˜‰)

Then my brain went through all the submodalities like seeing, hearing and feeling:

šŸ‘€ Seeing: As a result, images have appeared in my head of me lying down in the bathtub with only my head looking out of the water.

šŸ¤² Feeling: I associated a feeling of safety with it (can't remember exactly where and what I felt in my body).

šŸ¦» Listening: Also, I remembered the sentence that was told to me by a Wim Hof instructor:

"Take control."

The initial change is the biggest hurdle.

Like any challenge, it was hard when I put my first foot in the bathtub.

Until about 10 seconds after I was in the bathtub. After 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, I didn't want to get out of the water. The 15Ā°C became my new standard.

The images/thoughts/feelings play out so quickly, one after the other that we usually don't have time to really perceive them, let alone understand them.

Here's what happened:

I reached for the shampoo to wash my hair. Immediately my brain pictured images of how I have the head underwater and I perceived an unpleasant tingling in the head.

What just happened?

My brain warned me not to set a new standard.

I had already experienced what it felt like with my head in ice-cold water. My brain told me, "Alarm, alarm, alarm." šŸšØšŸš” It's made to protect us from danger.

Summary: From this I have derived the following process of how we work through challenges

#1 šŸ§  Brain creates images/voices/feelings of challenge in the future (submodalities)

#2 āš– Make decision

#3 šŸŒļø Execution (ideally with 100% conviction)

#4 šŸ‹ļø Initial difficulty

#5 šŸ„ Flow state and new standard set

I'm excited to hear about you and your decisions this week.

Have a great week!

xx Luke

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