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Jul 15
💡Productivity Boost
Mar 17
🏄‍♂️ Skillz & Lazinezz 🥱
Jan 31
I joined the 5-week Peak Performance Program by CEO Coach Eric Partaker ($2500/h)
Jan 19
My Review on Ali Abdaal's Feel Good Productivity Annual Planning Workshop 2024
Jan 18
Time Management: How I got interested in Time Tracking
Jan 18
A Simple 3-Step Journaling Framework for Perfectionists To Prioritize and Plan The Day
Sep 11
I got an Accountability Partner
Sep 06
My favourite Book Of 2023: The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey
Sep 04
How to stop procrastinating and start taking action instead
Jan 17
Planning is everything
Nov 17
If you like to try out new things: 6 unconventional strategies I wish I knew 10 years ago to find focus (fast)
Nov 05
Want to know when to quit? (and when to stick) These are the 6 most valuable Lessons I learned from the book "The Dip", recommended for people with many different interests
Oct 26
📵 Embracing Boredom by Making it Through the Day Without My Phone
Oct 22
4 Reasons Why I Do A 10-minute, 4-step Process Tony Robbins Does Every Morning - To Live A Successful And Fulfilling Day
Sep 29
6 simple steps: How to build daily practices that last
Sep 16
Building a Second Brain - The Beginning
Sep 07
5 Best Daily Practices That Have Changed My Life
Aug 24
Scientific Speed Reading: How to DOUBLE Your Reading Speed in under 15 minutes
Aug 03
My Weekly Review