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Sep 11
I got an Accountability Partner
Sep 06
My favourite Book Of 2023: The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey
Sep 04
👊 How to stop procrastinating and start taking action instead
Jan 17
Planning is everything
Nov 17
If you like to try out new things: 6 unconventional strategies I wish I knew 10 years ago to find focus (fast)
Nov 05
Want to know when to quit? (and when to stick) These are the 6 most valuable Lessons I learned from the book "The Dip", recommended for people with many different interests
Oct 26
📵 Embracing Boredom by Making it Through the Day Without My Phone
Oct 22
4 Reasons Why I Do A 10-minute, 4-step Process Tony Robbins Does Every Morning - To Live A Successful And Fulfilling Day
Sep 29
⏳ Having More Time is Easy
Sep 29
6 simple steps: How to build daily practices that last
Sep 16
Building a Second Brain - The Beginning
Sep 07
5 Best Daily Practices That Have Changed My Life
Aug 24
Scientific Speed Reading: How to DOUBLE Your Reading Speed in under 15 minutes
Aug 03
My Weekly Review