🌜 My Productive Evening Routine

πŸ‘‹ Hello friend

For years I have been experimenting with establishing the perfect productive evening routine. ✨️

Great books like Atomic Habits helped me implement those habits into my evening routine. I recently stumbled across a podcast episode from Tim Ferris and the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, where they share some helpful tips on implementing habits for the new year.

Note: This is my ideal evening routine, unfortunately not yet fully established, as you can tell by the time the email reaches you. πŸ˜‰

πŸŒ› My productive evening routine: Daily Schedule

4.00 PM: No more caffeinated drinks

No caffeinated drinks after 4 PM because caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours or more. This can keep you awake.

6.00 PM: 20 minutes run immediately after coming home

Change into the prepared running outfit and run for about 20 minutes (laying in bed and scrolling through social media = game over)

6.30 PM: Cold exposure in the lake or shower for 2 minutes

7.00 PM: Cooking and enjoying a meal while mindfully eating. (no Youtube, Instagram, etc.)

Headspace has excellent guided meditations for every scenario in life, like mindful eating. Β 

8.00 PM: Do 2 - 3 administrative tasks

8.30 PM: Study time till 10.00 PM

Use active recall of what I learned today and prepare for tomorrow.

If I encounter one of the 15 most common study problems, I look at the cheat sheet on my Studying Page.

the 15 most common study problems and how to solve them
(Link to studying page)

9.00 PM: Turn off all lights from the ceiling πŸ” and dim lights shining from the side.

for a perfect productive evening routine have bright lights in the morning, dim in the evening
Twitter Post from @hubermanlab

On my computer, a blue-light blocker (F.lux for Windows) automatically activates, and my phone switches to sleep mode.

10.00 PM Wind down time

Read a fiction book, and occasionally yawn - as it fools the body into thinking you are tired (even if you are not)

11.00 PM: Sleep 😴

The best book on Sleep: Why We Sleep

Listen to my podcast episode on how to optimize your sleep.

I hope you found the evening routine helpful and can pick some elements from it to integrate into your evening routine.

Have a great week!

xx Lukas

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