⚑🀜 Creating Absolute Certainty

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At the 4-day seminar Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins taught us how to create absolute certainty within a flick.

Oprah doing the Fire Walk at UPW with Tony Robbins
The Fire Walk

Like when baking a cake, there are different ingredients you have to put together to experience a specific emotional state.

If you want to experience joy, you need different ingredients than anger or frustration. When managing our state, the ingredients aren’t flour, eggs or chocolate, but the way we see something, talk or move our body.

In Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), we call these our Submodalities.

At UPW, we got ourselves into 3 different emotional states.

πŸ™ Hoping

😟 Worrying

😎 Absolute Certainty

Then, we analyzed our strategies for each one of them.

The good news is that we already know how to create emotional states. (stress, anger, happiness) We may however, not always be aware of it.

Suppose I told you that behind curtain number 1, there's a person who is not really sure if it worked out.

You would already know what the person looks like, right?

πŸ™ How we create Hope

How is the person standing?

Upright or rather slack?

Is the breath full or shallow?

Is the head up or down?

Is she speaking loudly or quietly?

When you are hoping, do you see it working, not working ... or both?

A person with one watch knows what time it is. A person with two is never quite sure. - Tony Robbins,
12.30 p.m., or no, 12.50 p.m.

😟 How we create Worrying

After looking at our strategy for achieving hope, we had to go into a state of worrying.

What do we do when we worry?

Experiencing tension, barely breathing, and not seeing it working.

It wasn't pleasant worrying unpurposely. However, I now notice that when I go into this state, I can snap myself out faster.

πŸ’― How to create Absolute Certainty

If you create absolute certainty, there is no other way.

There isn't even the possibility of not seeing it working. Tony says that certainty is something you create within yourself. Only because someone has a billion dollars doesn't make someone certain, does it?

Having certainty and trusting in oneself isn't a guarantee that you will succeed, but it increases the chance by a million times.

πŸ§‚ The Ingredients for Absolute Certainty:

Full breath,

shoulders back,

head upright

talking punctuated

only see it working

the picture you see is bright, big, and colorful

move rapidly.

The sternum is the trigger point. You don't have to stick your chest out a lot. A shift of 2mm can already change the way you feel.

I talked with a Swiss psychologist with over 25 years of experience, and she underlined what Tony Robbins teaches. She told me that we all have patterns, and if we create the pattern of being confident day by day, eventually, this will become our new normal.

Most of the time, we will feel certainty within ourselves by default.

Have a great week,

xx Lukas β˜€οΈ

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I originally wrote this text for myself a few weeks ago. It was meant for me as a cheat sheet in challenging times. Now, I wanted to share it with you.

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