9 + 1 Reflection Questions

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In the last few days, I have noticed how important it is to reflect on the past day/week/month or year.

Often we look ahead, seeing the next goal we set for ourselves, but keep doing what we did wrong in the past repeatedly—same approach -> same results. Only because we are doing something wrong, faster, it will not suddenly bring different results.

🤹‍♀️ Building new habits: Reduce the scope but stick to the schedule

That's why I have set an increased focus on a daily 3 Minute Review in the morning and evening.

I wrote more about my weekly review in the post How to use NLP for Self Development. (which is btw, totally trending on google search results right now)

How to use NLP for Self Develpment Statistic from google analytics
From Google Analytics (crazy 😍)

🤓 To get better answers, it is necessary to ask better questions.

I gathered my favorite questions from the author, James Clear, of the best-selling book Atomic Habits.

9 + 1 Quick Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What am I optimizing for?
  2. What's the best small thing I can do right now?
  3. Do I need to spend more time searching for better information, or should I spend more time acting on the information I already have? Is the bottleneck strategy or execution?
  4. Without altering the facts of the situation, I am facing: What's the most empowering and valuable story to tell myself about what is happening and what I will do next?
  5. How can I treat it like a game?
  6. What is the work that will work for me once it is done?
  7. Which kind of person do I want to become? How can I get small wins to build this identity?
  8. Not "What do I have to get off my To-Do next" but "What do I want my day to look like?"
  9. What is the most significant opportunity I could pursue in the next 5 minutes?

+ 1: Why are you waiting if you know what you want?

🤡 Let's play a game: What's the story you tell yourself?

The only rule of this game is that you must not lie to yourself.

Take 2 sheets of paper.

On one sheet, you write down the worst story you tell yourself about your last 10 years on this planet.

On the second piece of paper, you write the story you tell yourself and what you experienced, but in the most favorable form.

Think that everything you write should be genuine and based on reality. Both stories are true - which one are you telling yourself?

🎧 Listen to the latest podcast episode with mentor, potential development- and life coach, Bernd Cürten. He talks about wisdom and the roles we play in different social scenarios.

🤯 As the episode How to Run a Marathon (without any training) now reached +130 downloads, I decided to tackle a big big challenge (similar to a marathon) this year. I will of course talk about it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Have a lovely week!

xx Lukas

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