12 Favourite Problems: Richard Feynman's Framework For Discovering A Purpose In Life

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Last week I started an online course called Building A Second Brain. It's a 4 week course that teaches you how to build a note-taking system using an app of your choice. It consists of the steps Capture, Organize, Distill and Express. More on it in my Blogpost this week. The Second Brain is to help us complete projects. For example, if I want to start a project "Make a video" I can just look into my note system and filter all the notes that are relevant. - a very simplified explanation of what the course is about.

πŸ–‹ First Week - Capture

In the first week, we learned how to capture notes properly. But, how do you know what's worth capturing you may ask? Good question ... 🧐
Unlike the majority of society, Scientist Richard Feynman used his problems as a driver to discover a meaning in life and focus his thoughts on how to solve them. Now known as diffuse mode, without actively thinking, your subconsciousness works on these problems. Feynman always had 12 problem questions with him.

❓ They are open-ended and could look somehow like this:

  • What can I do to be more creative, intelligent, open-minded and just expand the capacity and idea generation and especially analytic capability of my brain?
  • How can I become healthier and happier?
  • How can I give myself the same appreciation I have when someone else compliments me, for loving myself?

✍🏼 Now it's your turn. If you want, you can write down your 12 favourite problems and let your subconscious work on them.

Have fun and a great week!

xx Lukas

πŸ’Ž My favourite Things

πŸ“± App Webclipper Evernote - If you are searching for a web clipper that captures articles, screenshots, or the whole website and stores it FAST in your notes system, this one is great.

🎢 Playlist Sunday Study - Such an awesome Playlist for relaxing, chilling and studying. You have to check it out, I absolutely LOVE IT!

🎧 Audiobook The Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy by Austin Kleon - Great short 3 audiobooks, but filled with so much useful content - if you would like to learn more about creating, keep going even in tough times and generating new insightful ideas.

πŸ›  Tool Logseq - If you want to connect [[ideas]] and [[thoughts]], keep your workflow without organizing your notes and build your own digital garden this tool is worth trying. I am still working on understanding all the functions it has, but believe that it is a great open-source alternative to roam research.

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✍🏻 Quote of the week:

Don’t spend your life avoiding vulnerability. If you do, you and your work will never truly connect with people.

From Show Your Work! By Austin Kleon.

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